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eXtras PETS - Pet empowerment in Townships. They need help with vets fees!

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Sms DONATE PETS to 48748. SMS costs R10 RSA networks only.

There are millions of stray animals in South Africa, and probably the best way to help them is to spay and neuter. Like everything else it costs money and we realize that a lot of pet owners just cannot afford it. They can however contact one of the welfare organizations such  as PETS - Pet Empowerment in Townships run spay and neuter operations in a variety of townships.

Please support them!

As can be seen from the plea above, the vetenary bills are not their only concern and they need food as well.

So when you are feeding your own beloved animals, give a thought to those who have to “fight” for scraps each and every day.

Thanking you in anticipation - Allan